Broken Justice System

Three detectives were found not guilty Friday on all charges in the shooting death of Sean Bell, who died in a hail of 50 police bullets outside a club in Jamaica, Queens, in November 2006. The verdict prompted calls for calm from the mayor, angry promises of protests by those speaking for the Bell family and expressions of relief by the detectives.

New York Times

Doesn’t surprise me at all. If this was some kids puttin 50 bullets into a innocent man in queens there would be an outcry and they would have never been found not guilty. Be the police get off only because they are in a place of power doesn’t mean they can’t do anything wrong. When is this going to change.


~ by dontsweatit on April 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Broken Justice System”

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  2. man fuck all that.the system is all fucked up only for the police and not 4 the public or unless u are rich.keep ur head up our day is comin……….

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