Nas King Interview

Nas talks to King about how Pun helping him write his verse on John Blaze, his beef with Biggie, whether or not he was talking about Jay on “Success”, “Is he the best ever”, how G Rap bodied him on Fast Life, Tiger Woods, John Lennon and about Nigger. Read Here…Part 1,Part 2

Well, you guys were taking shots at each other.
On a song I did on my second album, Tupac thought it was about him, but it was really toward Biggie.

“The Message”?
[Nods] From the first lines all the way to “One life, one love, there can only be one king.” That was specifically going in that direction. The whole fucking song, really. Tupac was not even on my radar for going at him.

On “Success,” how did you get away with talking about Jay?
What do you mean?

“Worst enemies want to be my best friends…” Can you see how people can take that as a diss?
But could you see how Jay couldn’t relate to that in his own life with his own situation? Everything in Jay’s rhyme, I relate to. “Is this what success is all about?/A bunch of bitch niggas running around with big mouths.” I feel that every day. I’m sure he can relate to “Best friends want to be enemies like that’s what’s in.” We can both relate to one another’s verses. It’s about success.

I’m gonna post something on Nas and Biggie’s Beef i a little bit….


~ by dontsweatit on May 2, 2008.

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