Artistic Integrity Music Video

And lets hope this Wale vs. Marky shit ends soon…

Its possible to like both marky and wale’s music, lets not turn this into pac vs. big.  You can like pac and big’s music people tend to jump to one side and automatically say the other side sucks its good music either way.   Thats what people need to relise about the wale/marky situation.  If the DMV wants to blow up and be the next big thing like the south was, they need to come together point blank.  Thats why NY has such a hard time fighting back, they are beefin’ over which borough they’re from or whos going to bring hip hop back.

Forgot to post Hey…Mr. Carter: [Wale- Hey…Mr. Carter(via shake)]


~ by dontsweatit on June 24, 2008.

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