GZA -Protools Cover & Tracklist

Tracklist after jump…

01 Intromental
02 Pencil [ft. Masta Killa & RZA]
03 Alphabets
04 Groundbreaking [ft. Justice Kareem]
05 7 Pounds
06 0% Finance
07 Short Race [ft. Rock Marcy]
08 Interlude
09 Paper Plate
10 Columbian Ties [ft. True Master]
11 Firehouse [ft. Ka]
12 Path of Destruction
13 Cinema [ft. Justice Kareem]
14 Intermission (Drive in Movie)
15 Life Is a Movie [ft. RZA & Irfane Khan-Acito]
16 Elastic Audio [ft. FYRE Department & Dreddy Kruger] (Live at the Parish in Austin, TX, 5/31/2007) [bonus track]

GZA – Alphabets (nahright)

~ by dontsweatit on July 25, 2008.

One Response to “GZA -Protools Cover & Tracklist”

  1. Should be a dope album. Thanks for linking my site, STRIVIN’. I just added you to my links as well.

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