Hell Razah – Indian Giver

Off Ultra Sounds Of A Renaissance Child coming 9/23/08

“This album captures my creative mind state, and shows more versatility of me as a solo artist that has matured with the god given gift of being poetic, spiritual, street, and political all at the same time, while keeping interesting concepts alive. I feel like majority of albums have lost that vibe in today’s music,”

“I called it Ultra Sounds because that’s what doctors use to see a baby before its fully developed before its born. I sat in the incubator of hip-hop waiting for my turn and now its time. This will be the beginning of Hell Razah Music as a label as well as a fully developed solo artist now. I want my fans to see me not only as a good feature or as a group member but to see I can hold it down alone as well.”

Hell Razah – Indian Giver

~ by dontsweatit on August 30, 2008.

One Response to “Hell Razah – Indian Giver”

  1. Hell Razah…I mean Heaven Razah is always consistent…

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