Just to be Fair

I added the second video which is some real talk from Jay Smooth.  Mccain keeps talking about change but what change is he proposing, he didnt lay it out in his speech aside from the normal Republican talk about the economy less taxes(bullshit) and smaller goverment but what he doesnt want to tell you is that its the same economic plan as Bush and look at how the last 8 years turned out.  It was a speech that is going to rally the base which he needed because without his gimick pick of Sarah Palin he would not have had.  I also hear people saying the media is picking on Palin but she deserves to be questioned about the qualifications for the job of vice president.  I dont agree with going after her children because you are stooping down to the level of the Republicans and look childish.  It is hard enough for a 17 year old girl to raise a child, it will be even harder for her to do so in the media spot light.  We want a grown up election, this isnt showbiz tonight.  Also about the sexism that they are bringing up, It is fair game to question a canidate on the issues and if they are qualifiled to that job.  If this were a business world and you wernt qualified to do the job, they would send you out the door.  She should be questioned just as much as Obama or Mccain, I hope the media doesnt get scared and stops bringing up issues because someone is afraid they are going to hurt someones feelings.  I know that after the lights are gone the real issues will be brought to the table and people wont just vote on a gender or color.  The hype only lasts so long for Palin and we still got 60 days left for people to really vote on what effects them.  I hope Americans are smarter than that but you never know they voted for bush twice.  The Republicans want to talk about celebrity status then look at your own vice presidential candidate, you would think it was the second coming, the difference is Obama’s popularity never faded and he went up against Hilary Clinton.  Dont be fooled by the words Mccain uses and the people at the convetion, they are talking about change and cheering on Mccain’s brand of change but those same people are the people that ran this country for the last 8 years and the ones that we need to change.


~ by dontsweatit on September 5, 2008.

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