Saturday Morning Thoughts

Only Jay Electro could get away with dropping a 17 second snippet.

Where is Act II?

I got that new Blu mixtape coming real soon, I didnt forget.

About Joe Budden and Royce, even thou battling wouldnt be the grown folks thing to do, I wouldnt mind seeing it.  With both saying “I have no problems but I’ll destroy dude if he brings it”

On another note, Bar Exam 2 is crazy.  Its taken up most of my ipod listening time.

Cant wait for that Halfway House mixtape from joe.

Charles Hamilton – And Then They Played Dilla has impressed me as well and I love the cover.

what is his next mixtape called?

Evidence Layover EP coming this week I think?

Listening to the B.O.B. track reminds me how bad I want a 3 stacks solo or and outkast album

Lately its felt like a lot of people are putting on this persona but turning out to be something different.

Get this now.

Black Milk – Give The Drummer Sum first single off Tronic

Wale ft. Xscape – I Will

Looks like I was right and that Game Superman mixtape never came.  Corporate Takeover Jigga

Did the S.L.U. instrumental leak, I think the tracks is over rated and each artist just compromised swag for lyrics

And Kanye said he likes the autotune, but it played out.  Its dead, I challenge you kanye to do something creative like we are used to you doing


~ by dontsweatit on September 20, 2008.

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