My Top 10: Favorite MCs

So I was over at shake’s spot and saw that he posted his top 10 favorite MCs, so I thought i’d post mine.

1. Nas-The Greatest Ever. Period

2. Slug-Listen to any Atmosphere album and you’ll see why he’s on the list.  On one does personal/concept records like him.

3. Pac-Not one rapper was able to reach the mainstream with such social and political songs as Pac.  He was more than music and reached people around the globe.

4. Mos Def-Black on Both Sides is my 2nd favorite album of all time.  Mos Def is lyrically one of the best.

5. Andre 3000-Every single verse is dope as hell.  Every Outkast album is a classic.

6. Black Thought-Raw, dope lyrics.  Lyrically one of the best and controls his flow better than most.

7. Common-You can feel the love and passion he puts into his music.  Also one of the most consistent with the exception of the last album.

8. Scarface-Slept on by most and it might be because he’s from the south which isn’t fair because judging all rappers of one region from one rapper.  The Fix and The Diary are classics.

9. Sage Francis – One of the best lyricaly and one of the best song writers.

10. Jay-z-Reasonable Doubt and Blueprint.  Relevant just as much in the past as he is now.


~ by dontsweatit on September 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “My Top 10: Favorite MCs”

  1. So crazy… I realized I didn’t put Face on my list. WOW!!!! Crazy. Face is undeniably one of the best. I may have to make an update. Did you peep your shout on “Shake Is Like”. Thanks again homie.

  2. […] to You from my third favorite group of all time behind outkast and Cunnlynguists and only of my favorite emcees of all time Slug. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)“Flashing Lights” (Third […]

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