Saigon – UGHH Interview pt.1 & pt.2 (Video)

WordPress isnt going to let me embed the video so the link is here and part 2 here. I got a lot of respect for Saigon.  He’s been though a lot and he learned from it.  A lot of rappers and young cats can learn a lot from him.  You got to get your head in the right place, gangbanging hasnt done anything but create more problems.  People got to grow up.  I mean we got people fighting over bullshit.  The fans are to blame to cause thats what sells.  I like jay but American Gangster is loved by the people but they think Kingdom Come is wack cause he’s not talking all that street shit.  And Saigon has my favorite line and the realist line ever written.

“Can’t get a job cuz of my prior convictions/
I’m a changed man but I fit the liar’s description/
So I dream, that one day my felony will go away/
But I know it’s gon be with a nigga till I’m old and gray/
Who so I could show the way?
Please listen to my words, know your life is not something you wanna throw away/
Don’t make the mistakes I’ve made, go to school, get good grades/
Don’t worry about tryna get paid/
Cuz at the end of the day/
The only thing real is whatever’s still here when the money go away/”

And we need Greatest Story Never Told, i’ve been waiting years for that.


~ by dontsweatit on October 5, 2008.

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