The Incomparable Shakespeare – A Shakespearean Premier (Mixtape)

Shake’s new mixtape is out now.  I know the image quality sucks but its the best I could find.  I dont kown the tracklist either cause I dont think it offically leaked yet but I got it so I’ll update when shake fills me in.

So this is the 3rd entry in my homage series and the cliché goes, “third time’s the charm”. Whereas “The Miseducation of Franklin Rossman” was an introspective tribute to Ms. Hill and the “The Instant Classic” was a feel good trip down memory lane, “A Shakespearean Premier” is a return to the boom bap, lyricism, and turntablism (shouts to Probe DMS). When I think back, I’ve noticed that some of my favorite albums had simple formulas and this mixtape is no different.  So this is what happens when you pair the greatest producer in Hip-Hop with an incomparable emcee…
The Incomparable Shakespeare + DJ Premier = A Shakespearean Premier

Download: The Incomparable Shakespeare – A Shakespearean Premier (Mixtape)


~ by dontsweatit on October 13, 2008.

One Response to “The Incomparable Shakespeare – A Shakespearean Premier (Mixtape)”

  1. good look fam. I’ll send the official art

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