Most Overused Phrases in Hip Hop Today Pt. 1


You can’t listen to a song these days without hearing about your haters and how you like them or how many you have.


Swagger has nothing to do with skill.  I hear people talk about how some artist or song has a lot of swagger when they get swagger wrong.  I’ll let shake explain this becuase he does it well

With everyone saying “swagger this or swagger that”, I figured I’d set the record straight. Swagger equates to charisma, charm, and being influential. Nowadays kids confuse it with having jewelry, gear, or whatever else, but that doesn’t make doesn’t you “swaggerful”.

No homo
If you need to say no homo than you are not confident with your sexuality.  Are we really that homophobic in hip hop?  Its time we grow up.  Its way over used. period


~ by dontsweatit on October 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “Most Overused Phrases in Hip Hop Today Pt. 1”

  1. Arguably, “nigga” or “niggaz” is the most overused and offensive term used by Rap and Hip-Hop artists. It sets a double standard for those other than blacks who choose to use it, and does nothing to empower the African race. I don’t know what they’re referring to when they use the word “hater” but it could be implied that blacks who refer to themselves or others of their race as a nigga, are actually self-haters. It’s rather sad and certainly not something historic black advocates like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X would defend or approve of.

  2. if u dont like the terms hip hop uses why dont u just turn the station i dont think its that serious make ur own album and then let us criticize u!

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