XXL Top 10 Freshmen

Heres my opinion on XXL’s 10 freshmen covers.  My first is that they got it wrong with Ace Hood.  No disrespect to Ace but I dont like his music and he is a cilche south Florida rapper (and I grew up in south Florida and lived there most of my life).  As far as Currensy and Kid Cudi, I have not listened to enough of there music to really make a educated opinion on them so I’m not.

I’m in the same catagory with Cory Gunz as I’m with Cudi and Currensy.  But he did kill the Body Bags joint with Cassidy.  As far as Blu goes, I think he is the best out of the 10 and the best i’ve heard in a while.  Below the heavens is the best album i’ve heard in years.  What can I say about Mickey, hes breathing fresh air into a new york underground scene that I think is lacking.  He talks about more than just the typical new york gun talk.  Don’t know why Stimuli isnt getting more national attention.

I’ll start with Wale on this one.  The man that put on the DMV and opened my eyes to all of the dope DMV emcees I know and listen to.  Mixtape about Nothing is not only one of the best mixtapes out this year but better than most albums.  B.o.B is mad slept on because of maybe the haterz everywhere track or the mixtape with about half of is dope.  He reminds me a lot of 3 stacks and has latly been able to do what he wants and not the typical commerical tracks.  When he is creative he make great music.  I think Asher Roth is talented and has all the componts to be a dope emcee but right now he is not my taste (maybe I need to listen to greenhouse effect one more time).  The last but certenly not least is Charles Hamilton, he is very creative and is a dope rapper as well as producer.  I like that he does what he wants and not whats hot at the time too.


~ by dontsweatit on October 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “XXL Top 10 Freshmen”

  1. asher roth is hella dope

  2. Jet Phynx should of been on the cover or at least talked about!!!

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