My Most Anticipated Albums of 2009


2009 is here and it looks like it is going to be a great year if everything falls into place and you know it wont.  These are the ones I could think of at the time and I will add more as I think of them.  Not in any particular order.  What do you think?  Any I forgot that should be on there?

  • Mr. SOS – Dr. Strangelove
  • Wale – Album
  • Joe Budden – Padded Room
  • Mos Def – The Ecstatic
  • Andre 3000 – Album
  • Tonedeff – Chico and the Man
  • CunninLynguists – Strange Journey
  • Evidence-Cats & Dogs
  • B.O.B – Album
  • Eminem – Relapse
  • Jay – Blueprint 3
  • Gift of Gab – Escape 2 Mars
  • Jota Flowers – Abracadabra
  • Royce – Street Hop
  • Lupe Fiasco- LupEnd
  • Saigon – Greatest Story Never Told (Put this on the list every year, I can dream cant I)
  • Common – The Believer
  • Rakim – 7th Seal
  • Atmosphere – Album (Maybe, I Hope)
  • Blu – Forgot the name
  • Nas – Album (Maybe)
  • Immortal Technique – The Middle Passage

~ by dontsweatit on January 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “My Most Anticipated Albums of 2009”

  1. Nice list. Im also looking forward to most of these Albums. But what about Dr. Dre’s Detox, you do you feel it will nev?er come out

  2. honestly i dont care about detox
    it does nothing for me and after dre’s verse on crack a bottle i really dont think im looking forward to it. and i cant get over the fact that he doesnt write his own verses

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