Now I Got To Write A Letter To Saigon

Dear Sai,

All right, just got done with the youtube video above and honestly, I am amazed.  I got a lot of respect you Sai but the video is just as pointless as the diss record from Joe.  We dont need to hear about you saying that your going beat cats.  This is 2009 and Obama is about to get sworn in and we still got an intelligent rapper like your self appearing on the inter webs talking about beating up Joe Budden.  Like I said in the Letter to Budden, “Both you and sai have something in common, you both put out positive music and you should be coming together, its not about individuals or ego here.  Take the gifts you have and share it to reflect positively on your peers in the rap game.”  If this beefs really is needed then lets keep it on wax.  Showing the kids that stupid violence in acceptable and cool is not what we need.  We want to see the “color purple”, the “wake up”, the “What a Life” Saigon make music.


A Fan


~ by dontsweatit on January 16, 2009.

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