My “My Lady” Theory

This is my theory for the song “My Lady” in context to what the Chico and the Man album from Kno and Tonedeff is about.

See on the flip side…

going on the whole batista and cuban revolution concept which was brought up in the other threads

the lady that tone is talking about in the first verse could be cuba.  it was his home until he left.  he would be looking back

So regal, beautiful
Too bad I’ll never see the funeral
And even through the doom and gloom
As soon as the moon can be viewed in full
I saw a star in the heavens
I knew it was you, my anxiety is through the roof
Can’t deny the irrefutable truth
That I’m alive in lieu of you
And in the silence of your tomb I hear your cries as you’re consumed
Your spirit ride illumin’ under the twenty thousand hues of blue
(Fade out.. [breath] zoom in)
I felt your heart as I grew in your womb
The constant bass is soothe in tune
I drew from you like still lights but still born with room to move

I used the pursuit of my roots, I would later be groomed to lose

could be talking about where he came from

Last June I tattooed this date and numerals under my chin
The last place ever touched by your skin

June is when he left cuba for America, the date could also relate to the cuban revolution

(Cause/Guess?) somethin’ within me loves to pretend that you’re my mother again
Though I barely remember you tucking me in

he barely remembers when he lived there, or his past

But as dawn advances, I bid you adieu

he is leaving for America

My lady
(I know you can still hear.
Heh heh.. You’d be proud, huh?
I’ve done a lot.
I met this beautiful, beautiful woman.
She reminds me of you.)

the beautiful women he meets is America

So radiant, vibrant
Hazel tint in her eyes and the way that her skin shines is
Like a phoenix risin’, even I could be surprised if we entwine

before the founding fathers decided on the eagle as the symbol of America, the phoenix was considered

I feel the climate reach its highest peaks when she’s beside me
But we’ve got deeper ties than physical needs, desires
Typically we aspire to dream and climb the steepest heights that we can find
And better, redefine the cheapened (lines/lives?) we seek and find
And there’s a reason to bond together
Though sometimes I tell some teeny lies to feed her pride and sleep between her thighs
My peace of mind is reached if I can keep a smile on
If the seas are wild then she’s an island
Complete with whitened beach to greet the tide in
Or retreat to hidin’ where you can flee to dryness
A peaceful night beneath the skies so we can speak in private
On the water for an easy ride, nobody’s speaking either
She reminds me of you in some ways, it’s like they redesigned her
Flingin’ rocks off the eastern side to watch ’em sink in silence
I take a need for Her Highness, her mere presence a gift to me
I kiss a ring of diamonds, take pride in the queen my bride is
Her Amphitrite to my King Poseidon
And she’s decided in her sneaky slyness she’d conceive a titan
And I’m uneasy, I can feel the heightened fear inside
As tears arrive her fingers guide to me to this breathing child that’s lyin’ beneath her nightie
She don’t have the slightest idea what tonight is
I hear the singin’ sirens
I bid her adieu as she and I collide as my..


~ by dontsweatit on April 8, 2009.

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