My “My Lady” Theory

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This is my theory for the song “My Lady” in context to what the Chico and the Man album from Kno and Tonedeff is about.

See on the flip side…

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Escaping Arkham

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Love this song.

Just Tying Up Some Loose Ends

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I have been MIA lately but got some things i would like to post.

Sene – Thats Just Me (Produced by Terem (Lovely..So Lovely)

Off Brooklyn Bridges: Love Paris

NandoMcFlyy. – Get It Right

The following track is super dope and the beat is bananas.  Ill Poetic is mad slept on.

Ill Poetic – “Road to Redemption (To TI From Cincinnati) [via WYDU]


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My most anticipated album this year and tracks like this and never come down add to the anticipation.  Strange Journey.

CunninLynguists – “Don’t Leave (When Winter Comes)” feat. Slug [via QN5]

CunninLynguists – Never Come Down (The Brownie Song) (Video)

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Dont need to say anything about this here.  Cant wait for the album

Are You Still Sleeping?

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I was giving the Nas untitled album a listen again and i forgot how great this album is.  I played the hell out of it after I got it last summer but listening to it again, damn.  Nas really did make a classic with this one and people slept on it hard, I dont know if it was because of the album title controversy or the fact that Nas is slept on even though hes the greatest ever.  So do yourself a favor, give it another listen and then tell me im wrong.

[Photo via Flickr]

Lyriciss – Welcome To Me

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Last leak off “The Day Job”

Lyriciss – Welcome To Me