Forrest & DSTT present Big Lou-The Rebirth Mixtape

Forrest presents Big Lou-The Rebirth Mixtape

1. The Last Lyricist (fu*k The Intro) ft. DJ Kay Slay, Papoose & Busta Rhymes
2. Guerilla Molded
3. Crackhead
4. Think about it
5. Son of Hip-Hop
6. Out of the Ghetto ft. Busta Rhymes
7. Stop Hitting Me
8. Do You Still Love Me
9. I Could Be The One
10. Krutch
11. Yayo
12. Heartbeat ft. Hamillionz & Traxx Trigga (of The Fly Boyz)
13. Still…
14. Hello ft. Pinks
15. Survival
16. I Learned
17. My Girl
18. The Shining (feat. Busta Rhymes)
19. Thanks

download link after jump…



~ by dontsweatit on May 9, 2008.

One Response to “Forrest & DSTT present Big Lou-The Rebirth Mixtape”

  1. […] know we always support Big Lou.  Also check out the DSTT Big Lou mixtape here or after the jump.  Props to shake for the […]

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